Waziper v5.0.8 MOD | Unlimited

By Digi Soft
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Some of the Features Includes:-

  •  ChatGPT integration [Mod]: Connect Open AI's Artificial Intelligence to WhatsApp by simply scanning a QR code and let it answer your messages 24/7.

1. No Match Template [Mod]
2. Auto Spintax [Mod]
3. Export/Import Chatbots [Mod]
4. WhatsApp API - JSON Format [Mod]
5. WhatsApp API - Account Selection [Mod]
6. WhatsApp API - Auto-Selection of Code [Mod]
7. Nodejs App Restart Button [Mod]
8. Enhanced Bulk View (Table) [Mod]
9. Real-Time Bulk Delivery Status Updates [Mod]
10. One-Click Bulk Restart [Mod]
11. Improved Chatbot List View (Table) [Mod]
12. Next Bot Action (Sequential Messages) [Mod]
13. Presence Delay (Typing, Recording...) [Mod]
14. Greeting Message based on User's Timezone [Mod]
15. Personalization of Greeting Messages [Mod]
16. User Account Name Parameter [Mod]
17. Your Account Name Parameter [Mod]
18. Date And Time Parameter [Mod]
19. Date And Time Parameter Language [Mod]
20. Date And Time Parameter Customization [Mod]
21. Queues Instead Of Asynchronous Functions [Mod]
22. Phone Filter [Mod]
23. Real-Time Update of Number Filter [Mod]
24. Enhanced Contact Group List View (Table) [Mod]
25. Admin API [Mod]
26. Whatsapp API Contact Groups [Mod]
27. Link Generator with Embedded Code [Mod]

 Fixes And Improvements 

  • Auto Logout [Fix]
  • Duplicate Bulk Message [Fix]
  • QR Not Working [Fix]
  • Script Stuck when Logging Out of an Account [Fix]
  • Sending Autoresponder to Unknown Contacts [Fix]
  • Security Vulnerabilities [Fix]
  • White Scrollbar on Dark Theme [Fix]

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